Just Unbelievably Disgusting

Check this out: 30 Burgers that Scream AMERICA!

A few of my favorites:

Donut burger

Don’t you just love that salad in the back?

There was a theme night at Crossroads (UC Berkeley dining hall) where they served these. For some god forsaken reason I piled my to-go box with ‘em, but didn’t follow through and gave it to a homeless guy outside of Smart Alec’s.

Mac'n'cheese burger with hot dogs

Mac’n'cheese burger with hot dog slices. How the heck do you eat this? And where do they serve them? And that doesn’t even look tasty?

Bacon burger

It’s like a wriggly bacon monster. I feel like it might just jump off the screen and try to suck my face off with its bacony tentacles. Gives me the skeevies.

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